Hidden Scars

Susan is a survivor; she’s had to be. 

Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea, she was forced to leave behind the first
boy she ever loved. The only boy she ever loved. 

Now as an adult, Susan is left with both the physical and mental scars of a life devoid of warmth
and kindness - a life, she is determined to change for the better. 

Returning to her childhood home, she is determined to put the demons of her past behind her and start a new. With Max by her side, Susan has a real chance of happiness and healing. 

But Max has a secret one that risks destroying all hope of a happy ever after. 

A story of survival, healing and love, 'Something Missing' is an engaging, roller-coaster ride of emotions as Susan and Max reveal the scars of their pasts and their hopes for the future. A romance like no other.

  ©  Hazel Robinson 2018
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