New Year Sale!

I've decided as a new year treat, all my books are on sale! 99 pennies!

Here are the blurbs and links, make sure you grab a copy while you can.

Something Missing

Susan is a survivor; she’s had to be. Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea, she was forced to leave behind the first boy she ever loved. The only boy she ever loved. Now as an adult, Susan is left with both the physical and mental scars of a life devoid of warmth and kindness - a life, she is determined to change for the better. Returning to her childhood home, she is determined to put the demons of her past behind her and start a new. With Max by her side, Susan has a real chance of happiness and healing.

But Max has a secret one that risks destroying all hope of a happy ever after. A story of survival, healing and love, 'Something Missing' is an engaging, roller-coaster ride of emotions as Susan and Max reveal the scars of their pasts and their hopes for the future.

Broken Promises

Hunky, hot tattooist, Caleb, has sworn off love forever. After his school sweetheart broke his heart, he made himself a promise. Love had burned him once, and it would never do it twice.

However, an unexpected meeting with an old school friend changes everything. When the beautiful, soulful Kally, re-enters his life, not only does she bring with her a wave of painful memories and a confession about her unrequited school crush, but she reveals a truth that will finally set Caleb free from the promise he made, allowing him to finally discover what true love is.

Beaten Heart

People say getting out is the hardest part, but they are wrong, they have no idea. The hardest part is getting out and staying out, it’s adjusting your life to a whole new way, it’s healing wounds that they can’t see, it’s learning to be strong.

It’s learning to trust again. Scars run deeper than the surface.

Mandy was forced to run for her survival. And although leaving her life and hiding out was never going to be easy, she wasn't ready for the challenges it was going to present.

The greatest challenge of them all is the fear of falling in love again, but when her fate entwines with Billy's, she is forced to face her demons and make a choice that will either destroy or save them both.

Another moving and page-turning addition of the Forever Love Series; a collection of novellas with heart, tears and laughter

And as an added bonus...If you have Kindle Unlimited - yep you guessed it they are all available on there too <3

Hazel xx

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